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The Junghanns.NET ISDNguard is an automatic layer 1 failover switch that has been exclusively designed for the Asteriskô open source PBX. It can be used for various failover scenarios that require a physical reconnection of up to 4 BRI/PRI interfaces (see Application 1 and 2).

The Asteriskô server provides a heartbeat to the ISDNguard over a serial (RS232) interface. If the heartbeat stops the ISDNguard will go into failover state, directly connecting the ISDN NET with the ISDN CPE ports indicated by the red failover LED.
In normal operation the heartbeat stops whenever the Asteriskô server is stopped. A configuration option allows the heartbeat to continue if the Asteriskô server was cleanly shut down. Multiple ISDNguards can be cascaded so they can be switched by a single Asteriskô server with a single RS232 interface.

In case of a power failure the ISDNguard will automatically fall back to failover state.

Target Applications
  • Integration of ISDN equipment
  • PBX with redundant BRI/PRI ports
  • Redundant VoIP gateways
  • Layer 1 port switch

  • Power ok (green)
  • Heartbeat ok (green)
  • Failover Modus (red)

  • Linux / *BSD operating system
  • RS232 (D-SUB 9) interface

  • Casing
  • 19" rack mountable
  • 1 unit in height
  • brushed stainless steel

  • 1 RS232 (heartbeat)
  • 2 DIN5 (cascading)
  • 4 shielded RJ45 (ISDN CPE)
  • 4 shielded RJ45 (ISDN NET)
  • 4 shielded RJ45 (Asterisk CPE)
  • 4 shielded RJ45 (Asterisk NET)
  • 4 shielded RJ45 (octoBRI ISDN)
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