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VoIP Media Gateway voip-mg

The Junghanns .NET Voice over IP Media Gateway (voip-mg) turns all Junghanns.NET ISDN and GSM cards into VoIP enabled devices. The application is based on the existing OpenSource Zaptel and DAHDI drivers and offers for the first time an Asterisk independant solution. The wellknown cards can now be used with virtually any PBX using the SIP or IAX2 protocol (i.e. FreeSwitch, pbxnsip, Yate, Asterisk™ Business EditionŽ or Microsoft Office Communication ServerŽ, among others) in an easy and convenient fashion. The configuration is done using a functional and clear webinterface which communicates with the HTT P/XML interface of voip-mg.

Manufacturers of VoIP PBXes can use the GPL licenced webinterface as a comfortable and easy first step into integrating the HTT P/XML interface into their own user interface. Voip-mg was designed as a simple media gateway and offers a better performance (less CPU load for the same amount of concurrent calls) compared to Asterisk based systems, because it does not use a complex multithreading PBX core, which makes it also ideally suited for embedded solutions.

Target Applications
  • SIP Media Gateway
  • ISDN Least Cost Routers
  • Voice over IP GSM/BRI Gateways
  • VoIP Integration of ISDN/GSM devices

    Supported OS
  • Linux 32bit (glibc, uclibc), x86, mips,
    arm, ...
  • Linux 64bit (glibc, uclibc), amd64,
    ia64, ...
  • Windows 32bit (XP, Vista, Server 2003,
    Server 2008) version 1.4, Q4 2010
  • Windows 64bit (XP, Vista, Server 2003,
    Server 2008) version 1.4, Q4 2010

  • Supported telephony protocols
  • GSM, Telephony as well as sending and recieving
    SMS via HTT P/XML interface
  • EuroISDN BRI (S0), TE/NT mode, Point to Point and Point to M ultipoint support (version 1.2)
  • EuroISDN PRI (S2M), TE/NT mode
    (version 1.2)
  • RTP (g711)
  • IAX2

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