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Open Source

Using asterisk as a softphone

If you are tired of all the linux softphones, give * and chan_oss a try.
To make it work together with other audio applications (and artsd) I had to make some small changes to chan_oss.
The modifications also solved the problem for me that * sometimes hung up the call without any obvious reason.
Grab a diff here.

; Default context (is overridden with @context syntax)
; Default extension to call
; extension.conf
exten => _X.,Dial(IAX/user:pass@pstngateway/${EXTEN}@capiout
exten => _X.,Hangup

exten => _1700X.,Dial(IAX/user:pass@iaxtel.com/${EXTEN}@iaxtel
exten => _1700X.,Hangup

chan_oss provides the console commands "answer", "dial" and "hangup".
You dont even have to run asterisk as root, since all the VoIP channels use ports above 1024, see non-root Asterisk.
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