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The Junghanns.NET GSM® PCI series cards provide scalable connectivity to GSM networks for your Linux machine. It comes with fully GPLed drivers for the Linux 2.4.X and 2.6.X kernels. Multiple Junghanns.NET GSM® PCI series cards can be interconnected over an external PCM bus. The card's active channel switching capability (to bridge voice channels on the card without latency and not using the host CPU) is also working over the external PCM bus (e.g. voice channels on different cards can be actively switched). The Junghanns.NET GSM® PCI series cards can be connected to any other Junghanns.NET card to build a real TDM switched PBX.

Target applications
  • GSM connectivity for PBX
  • mobile PBX
  • GSM VoIP gateway
  • SMS gateway
  • GSM callback services

  • +1000 Mhz
  • RAM 64+ MB
  • Linux 2.4.X or 2.6.X Kernel (2.6.X recommended)
  • 32bit PCI Version 2.2 slot
  • Features
  • 2 GSM dualband channels (quadband available soon)
  • 1 SIM card per GSM channel
  • optional SIM expansion boards available (2 SIM per channel, swapable during operation)
  • DIGITAL audio quality (noise suppression, echocancel)
  • fast call setup
  • DTMF detection
  • GSM data connections
  • GPRS data connections
  • PCM bus connectors
  • daisy chaining of max. 8 cards
  • 2 dual-color LEDs (network state indicators)
  • active channel switching (across multiple cards over the external PCM bus)
  • suitable for 3.3 volts and 5.0 volts 32 bit PCI slots
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