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Product overview

Here you can find information about our products.
If you want to know how to obtain them in your geographical area please click on "Partner".
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=> Junghanns.NET Quality Statement

I. Junghanns.NET ISDN - BRI (Basic Rate Interface) PCI Express Cards

Junghanns.NET ISDNguard duoBRI® PCI Express ISDN
Junghanns.NET IPSwitch quadBRI® PCI Express ISDN
III. Junghanns.NET ISDN - PRI (Primary Rate Interface) PCI Cards

Junghanns.NET singleE1® PCI ISDN singleE1® PCI ISDN
Junghanns.NET doubleE1® PCI ISDN doubleE1® PCI ISDN
Junghanns.NET singleE1® miniPCI singleE1® miniPCI
IV. Junghanns.NET GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) PCI Cards

Junghanns.NET unoGSM® PCI unoGSM® PCI
Junghanns.NET duoGSM® PCI duoGSM® PCI
Junghanns.NET quadGSM® PCI quadGSM® PCI

V. Junghanns.NET Failover Solutions

Junghanns.NET ISDNguard ISDNguard
Junghanns.NET IPSwitch IPSwitch
VIII. Junghanns.NET Software

VoIP Media Gateway (voip-mg)

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