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singleE1® miniPCI ISDN

The single E1® miniPCI ISDN turns your legacy ISDN equipment (or analog equipment behind an ISDN PBX) into powerful Voice over IP devices. It provides a soft migration path from ISDN technology to the new Voice over IP world (see Application 1). Connect your ISDN PBXes at different locations with Voice over IP and drop costs for company internal calls close to zero. Transparently add least cost routing over ISDN or VoIP carriers to reduce costs on outbound calls significantly.

The single E1® miniPCI ISDN brings powerful ISDN PRI connectivity to your Linux machine. It comes with fully GPLed drivers for the Linux 2.4.X and 2.6.X kernels. The E1 PRI port can be configured for CPE or NET operation by jumpers. This port configuration is detected by the driver automatically.

The drivers can handle the user and network side of euroISDN, AT&T 4ESS, DMS 100, Lucent 5E and National ISDN 2 signalling

Target applications
  • ISDN least cost routers
  • Voice over IP PRI gateways
  • VoIP integration of ISDN equipment
  • PBX to PBX VoIP trunking

  • CPU MIPS AMD Geode
  • RAM 32+ MB
  • Linux 2.4.X oder 2.6.X Kernel (2.6.X
  • miniPCI slot
  • Features
  • 1 Primary Rate Interface port for CPE
    and NET operation
  • DTMF detection
  • Conference bridge
  • PCM bus connectors
    (PCM30, PCM64, PCM128)
  • active channel switching (across multiple cards
    over the external PCM bus)
  • Point-to-Point (TE / NT) and Point-to-Multipoint
    (TE / NT)
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