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Please contact support@junghanns.net to get technical support. Please always include the serial number of your Junghanns.NET product and a detailed problem description. Support requests without serialnumber will not be processed.

Do you have a claim due to a defect, wrong delivery, or similar reasons?
Please apply a RMA number via Email to support@junghanns.net. Please send us detailed error information, the serial of the card and company data.

We offer extensive support for all sides of commercial telephony.

Asterisk (R)

You dont have the time (or the will) to deal with the installation and configuration?

You want to run it in a production environment that doesn't allow experiments or downtime?

We provide advanced Asterisk support, the direct wire to the developers, via Email, IRC, IM or phone (voip,pstn)!

You don't have to call 0900 numbers and spend hours and money in an IVR.

It may be neccessary to let us SSH into your machine, you can watch what we are doing with screen.

Charges apply on a hourly basis.

Advanced configuration (supplementary services, call transfers, early B3):
For more information on advanced capi support please contact support@junghanns.net or give us call.

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